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How Did We Fit On Noah's Ark?

A reader makes the point that dinosaurs were too big to fit on Noah's Ark, so Noah's flood must be just a story. It never happened.

Dear Mr. Dinosaur: I've read your web site and you talk about the "Great Flood," which I assume is Noah's Flood. And I've seen the pictures. Some of you dinosaurs were HUGE! It would take an entire present day cargo ship to hold just one of you. No way could Noah take all the animals and dinosaurs on a wooden boat. So what you are saying makes no sense. I think you are spreading a bunch of malarkey. There never was such a thing as Noah's Flood. -- Your Friend Paul

PS I love dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark

How Did Dinosaurs Fit On The Ark?

Hi Paul, thanks for your letter. Since we are extinct we don't get much mail, so I appreciate your writing.

Imagine you know the Great Flood is coming, and it's your job to save reproducible examples of all of the different kinds of birds and animals on planet earth. What are your options?

You can't go to higher ground. There will be no higher ground. Everything will be underwater. And there is no way to get off the planet... and can you imagine building a spaceship large enough to carry every kind of animal? And besides, space travel has not been invented yet. So what would you do? Your only option is to build a boat.

But while we're thinking of spaceships, if you could build a spaceship, what would you take? Embryos. Or maybe frozen fertilized eggs. They are small and light, and a lot would fit on a small spaceship. Good plan. You're pretty smart.

Noah's Ark Was BIG!

But, a spaceship isn't an option. The only option is a boat. And freezing fertilized eggs isn't an option. There is no refrigeration available. There is no way to store embryos. What's the next best option? You know the answer...

Take young, small, juvenile animals that will be ready to have babies by the end of the voyage. Yes! Good idea! Now that's thinking straight!

That's a dinosaur that looks like me in the picture at the top of the page. Just before the Great Flood I was still spry, but I was a big, old dinosaur. Noah didn't take me on the ark. Noah took young, small dinosaurs. And with over 90,000 square feet of space available on three floors, there was plenty of room for all of the animals. See? The answer was simple and you knew it all along.

There are other questions people bring up concerning the Great Flood and Noah's Ark. You'll find those questions, and their answers here.

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