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Why Jesus?

You car is stalled and about to be ripped open by a hungry T-Rex. There is no escape. Might the question, "I wonder what happens after I die?" come to mind?

It's a good question, and one you should ask sooner rather than later. The answer explains why I like Jesus so much.

Wach Out! Dinosaur!

What Happens After You Die?

The answer is simple and straightforward: "It is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment." (Hebrews 9:27)

What criteria will be used to judge you? Again the answer is simple and straightforward... God's laws. Things such as do not lie; do not take something that does not belong to you; do not look with lust... wait! Is that really one of God's laws? Don't look with lust? Everybody's done that!

Jesus said, "You have heard that the law says, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that anyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." (Matthew 5:27-28). Yes, it's true.

And yes, even with my walnut-sized dinosaur brain I can hear you saying, "But, everyone does that! Everyone is guilty. That can't be right! I know I'm a good person."

So what happens after you die? There is no waiting line, you are immediately judged based on God's standards. He uses the Ten Commandments as His standards. And, yes, you are guilty a breaking God's laws. I hope that's you I'm hearing yell "Yikes!" It's an appropriate response.

So what now?

This is why I love Jesus so much. This is just incredible!

Everyone who has ever lived on earth, or will live... is guilty. And the punishment is hell, what Revelation 21:8 calls the lake of fire... the second death.

But, here's the good news! And it's all about Jesus. 2000 years ago Jesus lived a perfect life... never breaking any of God's laws. He was perfectly innocent, yet He was crucified as a criminal. He died because you are a criminal. He died paying the penalty you've earned for breaking God's laws. He died in your place. If you trust that is true, and turn away from breaking God's laws, when you die this is what will happen:

You will stand before God to be judged, and it will be like the Judge seeing the perfection of Jesus in you instead of seeing your law breaking. Your penalty for breaking the law has been paid (by Jesus)! You go free!

How Can You Know This Is True?

Because on the third day after He died on the cross, Jesus rose from the dead. He was alive! Demonstrating to you that you can trust all of His promises and there is life after death.

And You Expect Me To Believe That?

Bible And Dinosaur
That's a choice you have to make. However, the evidence is overwhelming. What I've just told you is what the Bible says... and even secular scholars agree that Jesus was crucified, was dead, and then rose on the third day. (click here

Jesus is God. And what's truly amazing is that God will give you what you want. If you want to be with Him, trusting Him, then you will spend eternity with God. If you reject Jesus (God)... if you don't care that you've broken His laws... or you just simply reject Jesus and His offer of life... He gives you want you want. Eternal separation from Hom forever.

I've heard some people say, "That's just what I want! No God around to tell me what to do! I'll be drinking and playing cards with my friends forever! Whoo-Hoo!" They don't understand what separation from God means. Everything good comes from God. Everything! Separation from God means there is NOTHING good. NOTHING! No card playing. No friends. Not even anything to drink. Without God there is only darkness. No other people (eternal solitary). Continual thirst. Continual pain. Nothing good... absolutely nothing good.

So Now You Know

You now have the answer. Now you know what happens after you die. You die once and then judgment... and it's either heaven or hell. Your choice. Which do you choose? Will you trust Jesus or... choose the lake of fire? Don't put off making a decision, the T-Rex is in your mirror.

Would you like more information? Do you have questions? Do you disagree? Please feel free to contact Cannon Beach Bible Church, cbBibleChurch@gmail.com.

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